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Exploring the Rich History of The Belk Mansion in Monroe, NC: A Glimpse into the Past

I had the pleasure of exploring the The Belk Mansion Monroe NC, recently and have been dying to share some pictures with you all, so here you go! Make sure to follow Explore Monroe for more to come on this beautiful historic property

What can we expect to come? The goal is to have this space for all types of events, touring, Airbnb booking, + more! The possibilities are plenty and will be announced soon so make sure to follow along!

Pictures in order: Street View of Home Entry Way Fireplace Upper Level Loft Outside Pond Kitchen Entry way Sitting Room 1 Bedroom Stairway 2nd Dining Area

About Belk Mansion: “The largest and most impressive of the Neo-Classical Revival residences built in Monroe during the first two decades to the 20th century, this massive frame house was erected in 1903 for Dr. John Montgomery Belk (1864-1928), a South Carolina native, who with his brother W.H. Belk founded what was to become the largest chain of department stores in the southeast United States.” Linked at bottom

EDIT: Want to see the lower level and learn more about the history of Downtown Monroe? Check out this event on Oct 15th for just $10 a person!

401 S Hayne St Monroe NC


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