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Southern Range Brewery

On their website you can order apparel and 4 packs of beer, however, it is for shipping orders only (pickup is not available)

Pictures in order below of the following items:

-Southern Range Plush Dog Toy- $11.99

-Southern Range To-Go 4-packs of Beer- Ranges in price from $10 to $16 per 4-pack depending on the beer

-Southern Range- Red, Black, and White hat AND gift cards- $25.99

-Gift cards can be made out for any amount, come in to get yours today

-Southern Range- Grey hats- $25.99

-Southern Range Black Zip Up- $44.99

-Southern Range Blue Hoodie- $47.99

-Southern Range NC Poker Cards- $8 - NC Craft Brewer Poker Cards that include a different NC brewery on each card. Southern Range is the 9 of hearts- *Pictures of the poker cards below (the whole deck as well as the card Southern Range is on)


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