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Lowe Country Estates - Monroe

"At Lowe Country Estates & Re-Imagined Designs our vision is to take the old and transform it into something new and refreshing for today’s modern times. We also re purpose, reuse and up cycle old, disposed of items to create new and beautiful designs to help them serve a new purpose. At Lowe Country Estates, family is fundamental to us. We believe in faith, love, honesty, respect, loyalty and strength in community. Our goal is to help eliminate waste in land fills by reusing discarded items and help create lasting beauty for your home. Let’s make the old new once again!” Lowe Country Estates Website

Betty + Jean + Tina The smiling faces you’ll typically see when visiting! Betty is the mother of Jean and Tina. Sadly years ago Betty’s husband and the girl’s father, Gene, passed away. You’ll find model planes (like the one pictured above) in the store in memory of him. Gene and his brother were huge model plane enthusiasts and enjoyed building and flying them together. Throughout the store you’ll also find beautifully hand painted items done by Jean + Tina. Jean is more of a newbie at the painting aspect, but is a gifted natural and it’s become her passion since she picked it up about 4 years ago. These ladies are truly wonderful and have such an eye for beauty, you can see it all throughout their store. Not just from the items within it, but every single area is beautifully displayed and put together with such intent. Make sure to check them out when you’re in Downtown Monroe next time.

Lowe Country Estates & Re-Imagined Designs 106 N Main St Monroe NC 704-776-4488 Hours: Sunday/Monday: CLOSED Tues-Fri: 10a-4p Saturday: 9a-5p


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