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Magen McLaughlin

My name's Magen McLaughlin and I'm the creator of Explore Union County, but am mostly known for Explore Monroe, where it all began.

Explore Origin

Magen is a current resident in Union County and loves to call it home. She has a loving husband and two kids that keep them constantly busy. In their downtime they often find themselves out exploring new spots and enjoying local events. Magen attended + graduated from Sun Valley High School and also attended SPCC and graduated with a Degree and Diploma in Medical Office Administration, Billing, + Coding. While in school, Magen worked in a small business technology based office environment for years, wearing many hats, which is where she found her love of Marketing.



Months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Magen became a newly at-home mom. Like some of you fellow at home moms have found, it's hard to just completely stop working when that's all you've ever known, let alone during the pandemic. One day her family was looking for something local to do, and decided to get on social media to look for some local pages for ideas, as some do when planning a trip or in a new area. She was stunned to find out Monroe didn't have a single one. So with a background and passion for Marketing + Photography and constantly on the go with their family exploring local spots, the idea of Explore Monroe came to her. Naturally a couple years later, she decided to take a bigger leap, and that's how Explore Union County began.


The main goal for Explore Union County + Explore Monroe is to showcase the amazing local small businesses we have. To encourage locals to shop small as often as possible and wherever you can. Our county, and the towns that make it, is full of so many unique and amazing shops, places to visit or grab a bite, the options are truly endless. Lets support them and showcase all they have to offer and all that they do to bring that "small, yet big, town feel" to Union County.



Message From Magen


My vision for this website, is that of my social pages. To keep things relatable, raw, & real. To do that, I capture things, like anyone, on my phone and am bringing this website in mostly blog form. I appreciate those who have supported me and continue to do so. I'm so thankful to have formed a community within you all. Keep exploring.


Voted Best Influencer in the Union County Weeklies for 2023

Nominated to be featured in Canvas Revel Magazine 

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Best of Weeklies for 2023 Influencer Explore Union

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